Loop Run Delivery Service

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Bordelon Marine works with clients to set up loop-run scenarios that provide efficient production support on a scheduled basis and for a flat fee.

Bordelon Marine can create a production loop-run scenario to maximize resources and manpower. These scheduled runs have a designated drop time for each location and charge a flat fee for each drop. Our expert analysis of client needs yields the most cost-efficient solutions.

Vessels Management Program

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Bordelon Marine offers a vessel management program to third-party owners who want to outsource the operation of their vessels. Bordelon Marine will market, maintain and operate your vessels for a fee. We have 30 years of operational experience, comprehensive infrastructure, expert marketing capabilities and a long client list that can keep your vessels working and in top-notch condition.

Vessel Brokerage Service

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Bordelon Marine is able to locate and contract just about any piece of marine equipment and/or vessel that you need.

Bordelon Marine can source and charter a full range of offshore support equipment and vessels.

• Offshore Supply Vessels

• ROV/Dive Support Vessels

• Jack-Up Vessels

• Crew and Fast Support Vessels

• Deepwater Construction Support Vessels

• Research and Survey Vessels

Let our experienced commercial staff help you choose, locate and schedule the right piece of equipment for your next project.

Technical Support

With more than 30 years in the business, we have the real-world experience that allows us to provide expert technical support on a wide range of marine projects. Our staff can help you plan and schedule all of the necessary support services, from clearing Customs to loading and mobilizing your equipment.

Service Support

Our staff will work with you to support and manage your charter from start to finish. We have people on call 24-7, 365 days a year to help you work though any problems that may arise.

ROV Service

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Bordelon Marine can provide a fully mobilized work, mid-sized or observation class ROV system and match this equipment to whatever size vessel you require.

Bordelon Marine can create and support a full range of ROV packages. Through strategic industry partnerships, we have access to a fleet of observation-class and small work-class ROVs that can serve as platforms for specialty tooling, single- and multi-beam sonar, acoustic positioning, collection and sampling, and light intervention work, including diver and drill support.

Topside Mobilization Service

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Bordelon Marine can provide and manage a wide variety of shipyard mobilization and fabrication projects.

BMI’s shipyard in Houma, Louisiana, allows us to support vessel mobilizations. BMI can fabricate and design steel and aluminum support systems for offshore operations and marine support activities. We can help design, build and install launch and recovery systems, as well as support your marine topside repair and custom fabrication work.