Dockside Ne4wsletter Spring 2018

Back To Work

May 2018 DSNews

If you read the tealeaves, you will see that market fundamentals are consistently improving and a faint but tangible momentum to the positive side appears to be building.

There has been much talk and raised hopes in the last few months that 2018 will finally be the year that our industry gets back onto stable feet. If you read the tealeaves, you will see that market fundamentals are consistently improving and a faint but tangible momentum to the positive side appears to be building. The price of oil is now and has been ranging in the upper 60s. E&Ps are more forward looking and confident in their spend projections.

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New Edition to the ULIV Fleet

October 2017 DSNews

This vessel continues the evolution of the Stingray design which was originally envisioned to be a Subsea support vessel.

The M/v Connor Bordelon was the first Stingray Class vessel built by Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders and delivered back in September of 2013. The M/v Connor Bordelon was awarded “Ship of the Year” by the American Ship Review, 2014 edition and published by Professional Mariner Magazine.

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"All In" on Subsea

Feburary 2017 DSNews

The M/V Connor Bordelon was the first Stingray260 built and delivered by Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders, back in October 2013. Some might say that converting the Connor to a ULIV was simply its destiny.

As many of you already know, Bordelon Marine is in the process of converting the M/V Connor Bordelon into a Subsea Ultra-Light Intervention Vessel, or ULIV, as we have dubbed the design. The vessel is expected to be completed and ready for work in September 2017. With this delivery, Bordelon Marine will bring its fleet of ULIVs to three.

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Building a Track Record of Success

August 2016 DSNews

The M/V Shelia Bordelon continues its current pipeline and ROV inspection project today, working complex sym-ops for over 100 days incident free.

When the Ultra-Light Intervention Vessel (ULIV) concept was first introduced in 2015 with the delivery of the M/V Shelia Bordelon, the market was understandably skeptical. “Could a smaller vessel like this, really handle the challenges and high standards of the Subsea world? …Can we get the job done with this smaller vessel?”

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Smaller Vessel Pack a Big Punch

February 2016 DSNews

The Brandon is now fully capable of performing a variety of operations, including IMR, light construction, survey and inspection work.

Bordelon Marine took delivery of the M/V Brandon Bordelon in November 2015. The Brandon successfully completed its first IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) project utilizing a Tidewater Subsea work class ROV. The Brandon validates the ULIV concept that not all subsea tasks require a large subsea vessel.

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Stingrays Find Success by Adapting

August 2015 DSNews

The Stingray series vessels are high tech, high spec vessels that are designed to perform a variety of unique and challenging functions.

We have been preparing and planning for a day when there would be multiple Stingray vessels in operation. That time has arrived. The path from shelf operator to shipyard and ultimately deep water operator has been an exciting journey

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Signed, Sealed, To Be Delivered

February 2015 DSNews

Bordelon Marine has signed a contract with Bibby Subsea for the upcoming vessel Brandon Bordelon.

In January Bibby Subsea announced that they had signed a three year contract with Bordelon Marine to charter the Brandon Bordelon. The Brandon Bordelon, the third in the Stingray series, is an ultra-light intervention vessel (ULIV) and will commence a three year charter in August 2015, upon delivery of the vessel from shipyard.

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Welcome the new addition to our fleet!

August 2014 DSNews

Our journey to becoming an established and trusted deep-water operator.

The Shelia will be equipped specifically to support IMR and Subsea Intervention work. The vessel will feature a (50)ton active heave-compensating crane and be designed to accommodate two deep-water work class ROV systems. This multi-purpose capability will allow us to support a whole range of tasks on the shelf and in the deep-water.

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New Year...New Hull!

December 2014 DSNews

Second Stingray expected to deliver

As we welcome in the New Year and say goodbye to 2013, we as a company have much to reflect on. The first in our Stingray series (M/v Connor Bordelon) was successfully delivered. A term contract with Baker Hughes was established. We mobilized and integrated a full Well Stimulation kit to this vessel, and accomplished the addition of a Well Stim notation to its COI. The OPS group took a number of its processes to the next level. Refining and evolving its ISM program in conjunction with rolling out a new vessel operating software package.

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Bordelon Marine Delivers the Connor

August 2013 DSNews

Bordelon Marine delivers and become Ship of the Year

The M/V Connor Bordelon completed her sea trials and was delivered to the Bordelon Marine Operations group last week. The vessel performed better then expected in many ways including hitting a top speed of 14.3 knots and a surprising 10.5 knots in reverse! Not that you would ever need to go in reverse...But you never know. The vessel has also demonstrated that she has excellent stations keeping abilities and is an exceptionally comfortable boat.